Negative Reviews in the Microsoft Store

Hi, as I noticed the App IPTV Viewer has some negative Reviews in the Microsoft Store. Most of them are really unclear why the app got a negative review, as the description is like “not working”, “bad” or is even empty.

So If you like the app, please submit a positive review. If you don’t like it, sent me an email to ngx-studio[at] and I will definitely try to help you. Thanks!

IPTV Viewer Update

Another Update for IPTV Viewer is available for Windows 10 and Xbox Devices. You will notice some small changes to the “Home”. The CommandBar is not available anymore, instead you will see a tile for adding new Playlists.

The major change in this version is the ability to add Online-Playlists from URLs, which will be updated daily. So If you add an Playlist from an URL (like http://my.awesome.playlist/playlist.m3u), the app will download this playlist again once a day when you start the application. If the URL of a Playlist Item has changed, the Item in your List will be updated. New items will be added to the end of the list.

How do you like this? I will now focus more on the Playlist-Page itself, so if you have nice ideas, feel free to submit feedback on the feedback hub.

Update for IPTV Viewer

There is a new big update available for IPTV Viewer running on the new Windows 10 / XBOX ONE Fall Creators Update:

– Introduction of the Fluent Design System (Fall Creators Update)
– Improvements on Handling of Playlists
– Channel-Icons are shown. Currently only Web-URLs are supported
– Improvements on Streaming
– Media Transport Controls will hide after Touch input

Note that currently only the Windows 10 / XBox App will be published with new versions. Windows 10 Mobile has only < 1 % of all Downloads at the moment.

There will be a lot of improvements in the next versions, so feel free to share the app and support my development!

Big Update for enigma2 Companion (2017.8.16 / 2017.8.17)

Hi, there is a big update for enigma2 Companion live in the Store.

I had to bring the movie and event pictures as a separate paid addon to the store, because very high costs were caused by the underliying services (IMDB api and Microsoft Azure Services).


If you like this feature please buy it (valid for 1 year) and support the future development of the app. THANK YOU!

There is also a new design for the bouquet/service list and I fixed several issues.

Full changelog:
– App shows Pictures and Poster only when Addon is bought (valid for 1 year). This function has caused really high costs (IMDB Api, Microsoft Azure services)
– Pictures and Poster for EPG details
– Overhault the Service list
– Added new picons (Reinstall in Settings)
– Timerlist won’t show negative values for duration anymore
– Opened Bouquets in Service List will be remembered