New Update for IPTV Viewer

A big new update for IPTV Viewer ist rolling out:

  • You can now add EPG Sources (XMLTV) to your Playlists with the XMLTV/EPG Addon
  • Any active subscription will unlock XMLTV/EPG Addon also
  • Added Enigma2 / TVHeadend Addons as One-Buy Option (additional Pictures are loaded only from XMLTV Sources)
  • Removed some old frameworks (which will reset your app settings (Theme, OneDrive Sync) in this build)
  • You can now switch Theme without restarting the app
  • Many bugfixes and non-visible improvements
  • For all Fans of Windows 10 Mobile: A new customized version for Windows 10 Mobile is ready to install (you need Build 15063 or above), unlock subscriptions on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC

The Version numbers are:
2018.6.13 (ARM/Windows 10 Mobile, Mininum Build 15063 needed)
2018.6.14 (ARM)
2018.6.15 (x64/x86)

New Update for IPTV Viewer 2018.5.7 (ARM) / 2018.5.8 (X64/X86)

There is a new Update for IPTV Viewer available. Note that new Updates are only available for devices with SDK 16299 or greater. So Windows 10 Mobile devices are not supported any more, as all current devices stuck on SDK 15254.

These are the changes in this version:
– Many bugfixes
– Fixed an issue causing a crash on XBOX One when connecting to a TVHeadend Server
– Added the ability to play content from a DLNA device (Feedback needed!)

– Added a subscription (Addons in Navigation) for connecting to a enigma2 device.

What does it mean for my enigma2 Apps? Both Enigma2 Player and Enigma2 Companion won’t be updated in the future. Enigma2 Player will be removed from the store, a notification will be places into the app. Enigma2 Companion will stay as it is in the store until a solution for the Windows 10 Mobile debacle is found.

Currently it’s not worth developing for Windows 10 Mobile anymore, as downloads are very low (1-2 weekly purchases).

The entire development for enigma2 will then be continued and focused in IPTV Viewer.

New Update for IPTV Viewer 2018.3.4 (ARM) / 2018.3.5 (X64/X86)

A new Update for IPTV Viewer is available. Many changes are in this Build:

– Many visual Improvements
– You can now filter a playlist by channel’s title
– You can now add a channel to a (existing) group very easy by channel’s context menu
– Decoder is now disabled by default for new lists again
– The menu for fast switching to another channel is now available when decoder is deactivated
– Channel List won’t jump to the top when changing an item
– You can now open a playlist directly from the filesystem with IPTV Viewer
– Solved a problem on (automatic) saving a playlist

– Added a subscription (Addons in Navigation) for connecting to a TV Headend server. Currently no HTSP Support, please connect to your Webinterface. In this very first version you can only Stream Live-TV, by buying a subscription you can actively support the ongoing development!

I hope you like it!

New Update for IPTV Viewer (2017.12.14)

Hi everyone, a new update (2017.12.14) for IPTV Viewer is rolling out for Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.

Here are the changes:

– You can now group channels. It’s not possible to change channel order with Drag and Drop anymore. You need to use the Channel Number in Edit Dialog.
– You can choose between Hardware and Software Decoding in the App Setting when using Decoding Feature.


Hope you like it!

New Update for IPTV Viewer on W10 and Xbox

A new update (2017.12.6) for IPTV Viewer on Windows 10 (Desktop) and Xbox One is available. Here are the changes:

  • More Design changes (specially on Playlist View and on the Xbox One)
  • You can add Playlists from URLs not reflecting a file directly (like
  • Icon Paths are loaded from m3u files (attribute tvg-logo)
  • Some bugfixes

Feel free to review the app in the store. Please contact me if there are any errors.

Negative Reviews in the Microsoft Store

Hi, as I noticed the App IPTV Viewer has some negative Reviews in the Microsoft Store. Most of them are really unclear why the app got a negative review, as the description is like “not working”, “bad” or is even empty.

So If you like the app, please submit a positive review. If you don’t like it, sent me an email to ngx-studio[at] and I will definitely try to help you. Thanks!

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