New Update for IPTV Viewer

A big new update for IPTV Viewer ist rolling out:

  • You can now add EPG Sources (XMLTV) to your Playlists with the XMLTV/EPG Addon
  • Any active subscription will unlock XMLTV/EPG Addon also
  • Added Enigma2 / TVHeadend Addons as One-Buy Option (additional Pictures are loaded only from XMLTV Sources)
  • Removed some old frameworks (which will reset your app settings (Theme, OneDrive Sync) in this build)
  • You can now switch Theme without restarting the app
  • Many bugfixes and non-visible improvements
  • For all Fans of Windows 10 Mobile: A new customized version for Windows 10 Mobile is ready to install (you need Build 15063 or above), unlock subscriptions on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC

The Version numbers are:
2018.6.13 (ARM/Windows 10 Mobile, Mininum Build 15063 needed)
2018.6.14 (ARM)
2018.6.15 (x64/x86)

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