New Update for IPTV Viewer 2018.5.7 (ARM) / 2018.5.8 (X64/X86)

There is a new Update for IPTV Viewer available. Note that new Updates are only available for devices with SDK 16299 or greater. So Windows 10 Mobile devices are not supported any more, as all current devices stuck on SDK 15254.

These are the changes in this version:
– Many bugfixes
– Fixed an issue causing a crash on XBOX One when connecting to a TVHeadend Server
– Added the ability to play content from a DLNA device (Feedback needed!)

– Added a subscription (Addons in Navigation) for connecting to a enigma2 device.

What does it mean for my enigma2 Apps? Both Enigma2 Player and Enigma2 Companion won’t be updated in the future. Enigma2 Player will be removed from the store, a notification will be places into the app. Enigma2 Companion will stay as it is in the store until a solution for the Windows 10 Mobile debacle is found.

Currently it’s not worth developing for Windows 10 Mobile anymore, as downloads are very low (1-2 weekly purchases).

The entire development for enigma2 will then be continued and focused in IPTV Viewer.

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