New Update for IPTV Viewer 2018.3.4 (ARM) / 2018.3.5 (X64/X86)

A new Update for IPTV Viewer is available. Many changes are in this Build:

– Many visual Improvements
– You can now filter a playlist by channel’s title
– You can now add a channel to a (existing) group very easy by channel’s context menu
– Decoder is now disabled by default for new lists again
– The menu for fast switching to another channel is now available when decoder is deactivated
– Channel List won’t jump to the top when changing an item
– You can now open a playlist directly from the filesystem with IPTV Viewer
– Solved a problem on (automatic) saving a playlist

– Added a subscription (Addons in Navigation) for connecting to a TV Headend server. Currently no HTSP Support, please connect to your Webinterface. In this very first version you can only Stream Live-TV, by buying a subscription you can actively support the ongoing development!

I hope you like it!

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